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Forestry future for Wairoa iwi

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The Maori Affairs committee is in Wairoa today to look at the fine print on one of the country’s largest historic treaty settlements.

Tatau Tatou e, Te Wairoa trust is set to receive $100 million on behalf of seven iwi and hapu clusters from the region affected by crown invasion in the 1860s.

Trust chair Leon Symes says the hearing is an opportunity for the people who have made submissions on the bill to have their say.

He says forestry will be a major activity as the claimants get back two forests they will share with other iwi.

"Definitely looking at employment for local people is an aim for us as well as our neighbours. They are looking to employ as many people as possible and even the value added change of downstream companies, logging companies, so the potential is there to joint venture with those forest companies that currently lease the land," Mr Symes says.

Because of election delays it’s unlikely the bill won’t be passed until early next year.


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