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No Kim cheer from Peters without verification

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Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says he's reserving his judgment on the deal struck in Singapore between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un until he sees tangible results.

The two leaders signed a joint statement in which Chairman Kim reaffirmed his commitment to the complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

President Trump committed to provide security guarantees to North Korea and agreed to stop regular military exercises with South Korea.

It fell short of earlier failed agreements which included specific steps North Korea needed to take to reduce its nuclear capacity.

Mr Peters says he hopes it works out this time.

"Personally I am reserving my judgment until I see a whole lot more and far more substance from the point of the North Koreans actually denuclearising and giving us the evidence and the ability to inspect and to verify and if that happens I think it will be amazing news for the Korean peninsula and amazing news for Asia as well," he says.

Mr Peters says New Zealand views the future talks as the critical next step to delivering upon the Singapore meeting.

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